Construction Management

Construction Management   

From the conceptual stage to a ‘turnkey’, finished product, our hands-on, experienced Construction Management Team manages the project; the most effective process for all parties involved. The goal is to bring the project to completion under budget with total specifications integrity while allowing the owner the security of controlling the bill paying process. The Construction Management Team can work with or without a General Contractor but is always aligned, working on behalf of the owner to deliver the best product on time and in budget.

List of Services                                                  

Project Management                                        

  • Full service Project Management TEAM with over 25 years commercial construction experience.
  • The Construction Manager functions as a fee based representative of the owner allowing choices from a
    full menu of services. This ensures all phases of the project are built according to specifications, within budget and on time.
  • Construction Management services can be utilized with or without a General Contractor.


Feasibility Studies

  • Proper research leads to successful projects. Research combined with decades of experience equates
    to innovative plans yielding the highest possible returns.
  •  Our research includes ‘real-world’, usable information on budgeting, financing and fiscal projections.


Facility Planning

  • Pre-Planning is essential. It is imperative to have input in the design stage to insure the facility meets all
    the expectations of the owner.
  • Utilization, functionality, expansion needs, on-going maintenance costs, construction budgeting and
    energy efficiencies are all audit items regardless of property type: office, medical, retail, single family,
    multi family, retail and industrial markets.


Build-to-Suit Projects

  • This innovative concept is a true integration of the above three ‘List of Services’ merged into a single
    process known in the market as build-to-suit.  We are open to how you integrate this into the construction management category.


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